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211 Twin Lakes Rd
Winthrop, WA, 98862
United States

Wild Plum Farm is home to pastured pigs - for sale as pork shares and roasters.


Pork Shares

Wild Plum Farm offers pork shares in whole or half pig portions.  These are available throughout the year, depending on size and quantity desired. 

WILD PLUM FARM reservations for pork shares

 Tamworth pigs are raised on the pastures of Wild Plum Farm.  In addition to a diverse pasture forage, the pigs are fed non-gmo barley fodder and rich alfalfa and oat hay, along with free choice apples. Free of hormones and antibiotics...full of goodness. Tamworth is a heritage pig known for its long, lean confirmation and tasty red finish meat.  Read more about lard vs. bacon pigs at Sugar Mtn. Farm.

We receive deposits throughout the year, and fill orders on a first come first served basis. Once on our reservation list, you’ll be contacted as soon as your pig is ready for Freezer Camp. We will work with you to determine your cut & wrap instructions.

Here’s how it works:


Pricing sample:                            Whole Pig        Half Pig

Hanging weight (lbs)                           ~200               ~100

Pig Price (per pound)                           $5.00           $5.50

Slaughter (scald and scrape)              included     included

Butcher* (cut & wrap per pound)     included      included

Classic Cuts Yield (lbs)                       ~130              ~65

Typical Total                                         $1000            $550

Added Processing fees from Butcher:

Smoking hams and bacon:            $2.00/lb
(a whole pig yields ~16lbs. bacon and ~45lbs ham)

Sausage (bulk, 1 flavor):                $10 seasoning

Want more bacon?  Consider smoking the shoulder for shoulder bacon, the loin for British bacon or Canadian bacon. 
How about more sausage?  Consider fewer classic cuts and instead use those portions for additional sausage.


Just how it sounds…all the goodness from the pig is put into bulk sausage to create a rich, delicious product, seasoned to perfection. Plain, Buttermilk, Sweet Italian, Hot Italian and Chorizo. Packaged in 1lb. units - easy to use.

25lb. minimum orders (can mix and match spice options to reach minimum). $5/lb.

*Unless you wish to butcher your pig we will deliver your pig to a local butcher for processing.  We work closely with our butchers to manage the delivery and pick-up of your pork. Humane slaughter, scald and scrape are done on farm.

Not sure what a ½ or whole pig means for your freezer?  Here is a great resource from Sugar Mtn. Farm in Vermont . 

Sound delish?  Next step - write a deposit check of $100 to Wild Plum Farm, 217 Twin Lakes Road, Winthrop, WA 98862.  Include your pork share size (half, whole, sausage), name, phone number and email address.  We will confirm and send a cut sheet to you via email.  Our friends at Sugar Mtn. Farm have a great pig cuts diagram to reference when thinking about your cut list.

Farm tours:  Want to see how your pig is being raised?  Email for a visit - we love giving farm tours and introducing folks to our drift of pigs.


Happy eating! 



In collaboration with Gabby Beaudin, of Molly’s Soap, we’re offering a special addition Wild Plum Bar. Fresh off the farm, the soap is crafted with lard from Wild Plum Farm pigs, mixed with castor oil, ginger, lemongrass and ground coriander. It’s a fresh smelling, long-lasting lather soap sure to make you squeaky clean! $5/bar