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211 Twin Lakes Rd
Winthrop, WA, 98862
United States

Wild Plum Farm is home to pastured pigs - for sale as pork shares and roasters.


Having a party and want to make a grand impression? Try roasting a pig in a pit, on the bbq, in a La Caja China roasting box. $50-$200 deposit and 3 weeks notice…we have a variety of sizes available throughout the year. PLAN AHEAD as options are sometimes limited.  

Pricing:  $50 minimum = 1-10lbs.  Over 10lbs = $5/lb.  Pricing includes all services to make your roaster ready for cooking (on-farm slaughter, scald and scrape, 1 week aging).  Local deliveries within 15 miles included as well.

To reserve your roaster - use our email link or call 509.429.7785